Grade R – preschool with/without aftercare and with/without holiday care
Grade 1-3 (Gene Louw learners) – Aftercare with/without holiday care
Grade 4-7 (Gene Louw learners) – Holiday CareNew applications for all services are processed throughout the year by the Administration office located at PIKKIE SENIOR. Applications for admission may be submitted 24 months prior to year of first enrolment.

Where The Centre is unable to accommodate new applicants due to classes being full, unsuccessfual applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Vacancies will be filled from the waiting list, in chronological order. No exceptions or special allowances will be allowed.

The Centre is not linked to specific feeding areas and applications are processed with no consideration of such.



Ronel Roper

Magda de Bruyn

JJ Ritter

Marthie de Waal

Head of department Grade R

Aftercare Grade R

Aftercare Grade 1-3